Apis Mel
Bellis Per
Ledum Pal
Urtica Urens

In case of any injury, depending on the severity of the injury, homeopathic remedies have been extremely effective. Needless to say that fractures or accidents involving head injuries, massive bleeding or deep cuts in the skin and muscles must be treated as medical emergencies in medical facilities.

In case of minor injuries such as falls, sprains, or concussions, and in wounds like insect bites or minor lacerations, the following homeopathic remedies can be used successfully to heal from the injuries as well as avoid any long term residual effects from such situations. The choice of the remedies depends on the nature of the injury, the cause of the injury and the specific symptoms of the patient with the injury.

This is one of the most commonly used homeopathic remedy in cases of trauma mental or physical. It is an excellent remedy for minor falls, bruises and overstrains. The patient experiences soreness or bruised sensation all over the body. The part may become bluish with blood clots beneath the skin with a heightened sensitivity to slightest touch. Often, s/he will say s/he is well even when the trauma is relatively worse, due to a fear of being touched or approached. The accompanying symptoms include sleeplessness and physical restlessness to find a soft comfortable spot in bed. It is an excellent remedy after a long walk, a strenuous hike or bicycling when the whole body feels sore-bruised.

Apis Mel:
This is a great remedy to keep within reach especially during spring and summer. It has been known to avert anaphylactic shocks after bee stings. Specific for those that have been stung from bees, it can also be used in case of other insect bites, hives, and rashes from poison ivy when the symptoms match. The pain usually is stinging like needles, cutting, along with redness, swelling and heat of the part. These pains are worse from the slightest warmth and touch with a remarkable amelioration from local cold application or cold washing. Often, an intense thirst for cold water with intense restlessness accompanies the above mentioned symptoms.

Bellis Per:
Also commonly known as wound wort, Bellis Per is a great remedy for deep trauma or septic wounds. It is extremely effective when the injury is to both nerves and blood vessels giving rise to intense pain and bleeding. Both the near and remote effects of blows, falls or operations are covered by this remedy. The pais are unbearable and drives the patient to distraction; these patients feel better by cold bathing and continued motion.

It is an excellent remedy for punctured wounds that need rapid healing of the tissues before a secondary infection sets in. It is known as homeopathic antiseptic since it facilitates quick healing of cuts, lacerations or suppurated wounds. Calendula is the only homeopathic remedy that can be applied locally on skin in case of the ruptured skin. Application of hot sponge soaked in calendula solution, gives the greatest comfort to the patient. Calendula has also been successfully used for gargling after the dental work of any kind.

An excellent remedy for bee stings as well as a second or third degree burns. The pains are cutting, smarting and burning. Its healing action in cases of burns is rapid and intense especially when vesicles develop on and around the site of the burn. It facilitates swift healing of the mucous membranes when it is exposed after the vesicles ooze serous acrid discharge. These patients are remarkably better by cold water.

For stubbed toes or fingers, Hypericum is the best choice. Its healing action for the injuries of the parts rich in nerves eg., fingers, toes, matrix of the nails is remarkable. These injuries create intolerable, violent, cutting, lancinating pains demonstrating the nerve involvement. Hypericumís specific affinity towards injuries to the nerves makes it a great remedy even for injuries to brain and spinal cord after accidents when the symptoms match. It has been known to prevent tetanus and relieve intense pains after surgeries or when the pains persist in the old scar tissue. It is indicated when the wounds are far more tender than the appearance of the wound indicates.

Ledum Pal:
An excellent remedy for insect bites and punctured wounds, with oozing of bright red blood, it can avoid tetanus or long term effects if given immediately. Hypericum prevents it after it has developed. It is extremely effective after a tic bite that threatens Lymeís disease. The patient feels cold and chilled yet s/he is averse to warmth with a great amelioration from local cold application. It is also a great remedy for joint pains that are better by ice cold applications.

A first-rate remedy for sprains and muscle stiffness after overstrain or overstretch of fibrous tissue and ligaments of joints especially when the injury was during a strenuous activity in damp weather. The patient experiences soreness and STIFFNESS all over the body which is ameliorated by hot bath or warm application. Beginning of motion is very painful and continued motion or changing position ameliorates. The patient is often anxious and restless.

Ruta is a superior remedy for injury to bones, and sprains especially the tendons of wrists, ankles and knees. The pains are similar to Arnica, sore, bruised, aching with restlessness. It is a great remedy for ill-effects of carrying overload or heavy weights and lameness of the part after sprains. These pains are worse in cold damp weather, and exertion, and better by warmth, rubbing and lying on back.

Another excellent remedy for injury to bones but this one facilitates the reunion and growth of the bones in case of fractures especially when the fracture has affected only the periosteum, the outer layer of the bone. It is also the only remedy that can be given safely in low doses repeatedly over a long period of time till the bones heal after the fracture.

Urtica Urens:
A great remedy for first degree burns where the swelling occurs after the burn with a severe stinging burning pain. It is also an excellent remedy for hives with similar pains after eating a shell fish. The pains are worse by cold application unlike Cantharis.