Please go through the guidelines thoroughly, almost all your questions will be answered by this form. These are merely the guidelines not the rules.
1. Homeopathy stimulates and initiates the process of healing. Homeopathic treatment, when applied in a classical manner, raises your level of health on all levels - mental, emotional and physical. To achieve the maximum benefit from the treatment, it is extremely important to follow the treatment under the guidance of a trained professional homeopath.
2. A homeopathic remedy is not a magic pill that one dose establishes health overnight. Change in the dosage, frequency and the remedies may be needed, for which every patient need to be monitored. Being an individualized treatment, every individual responds to it in an individual way. Follow-ups are extremely important parts of the homeopathic treatment. Sometimes dynamic changes are very subtle requiring close evaluation and patience. To ensure the progress in the right direction, regular follow-up evaluations are extremely important in the homeopathic treatment.
3. In case of accidents, trauma leading to massive bleeding or fractures, the patient must go to the nearest emergency center. Standard emergency procedures or treatments are completely compatible with homeopathic treatment. However, we should be informed of any of these treatments.
4. For acute illnesses, our office should be contacted as soon as possible. We will endeavor to find the appropriate homeopathic remedy for you during the acute illness. If you fail to respond to any homeopathic remedy in a short time for acute case, or if the symptoms worsen gradually or new symptoms develop, discontinue the treatment and seek the advice of another health professional. Homeopathic treatment is known to continue to be effective in boosting immunity against acute illnesses.
5. Patients beginning homeopathic treatment must continue their prescription medicines. Contrary to the popular belief, homeopathic treatment remains effective with conventional medicine until the level of health is raised enough, where if possible, a gradual withdrawing from the conventional medicine is possible. Your primary care physician must be contacted for monitoring or changing the medicines prescribed by him. Diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure require close monitoring and continual prescription medicines for a longer period of time even on homeopathic treatment. Occasional use of aspirins, Tylenol or analgesics does not antidote the homeopathic treatment.
6. All other treatments except mentioned above should be avoided during homeopathic treatment, including other homeopathic preparations, as it can create confusion in assessment of the efficacy of the homeopathic remedy. This confusion due to combining several healing systems can prove detrimental to the patient.
7. A minor aggravation of the symptoms followed by a long amelioration of all the complaints is a common phenomenon after an appropriate homeopathic remedy. Should the intensity of such a condition become severe, notify our office immediately.
8. Reappearance of past skin eruptions during the course of homeopathic treatment is a positive sign, as the cure takes place from within outwards. These eruptions also clear up during the further homeopathic treatment till a total health is established. External applications such as medicated creams and ointments for skin conditions could suppress the healing process and should be avoided. Non-medicated oils or cold creams for dry skin in moderation should be applied instead of medicated creams.
9. Homeopathic remedies retain their therapeutic effectiveness indefinitely when stored in glass bottle, in dry cool place, out of direct sunlight and strong odors. These remedies are non-toxic and free of any side-effects.
10. Some homeopaths believe that coffee, menthol and camphor products antidote homeopathic remedies. We have not observed this fact consistently with our patients. We recommend moderation in all food and drinks.
11. We have observed that most patients relapse in their health after any dental work including cleaning in a short period. We recommend you to inform our office of any such procedures during your follow-up assessments.
12. Homeopathic Remedy should be taken after thoroughly rinsing and cleaning mouth. Allow the remedy to dissolve on the tongue. Any food or drink should be avoided fifteen minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedy. Avoid touching the remedy by hand.