"What I have learned from Sadhana over the last four years has been invaluable in giving me a foundation to practice as a homeopath. Sadhana not only teaches pathology and therapeutics in an organized and systematic way but she also brings a tremendous knowledge of repertorization and materia medica to her teaching. Sadhana brings alive the old therapeutics masters (Dewey, Blackwood, Nash, Borland, Clarke) into modern cases, weaving in her understanding of pathology and prognosis and also teaching through her cases what is significant for repertorization. It is of enormous value to study with Sadhana in the clinic setting. Each case is an opportunity for studying rubric selection and remedy differentials. Seeing patients return for follow-ups significantly improved crystalizes a truly alive understanding of the remedies. I will never forget the cured case of lichen planus from Hepar sulph! It is rare to study with a homeopath who not only has great confidence in homeopathy but also has successful clinical results in the majority of cases.

Most of all, Sadhana has taught me the value of confidence, that a homeopath who does not have confidence has less of a chance of helping the patient, and that the only way to develop a deep confidence is to be knowledgeable about materia medica and repertorization.

Sadhana teaches in a very pragmatic and organized way and yet brings to her classes a deeply spiritual and insightful understanding of the materia medica and of her patients. Thank you, Sadhana for putting my feet on the right path. May many students benefit from your knowledge for many years to come. I know I have."
"Sadhana, I have been impressed, to say the least, with your knowledge of Materia Medica. Your understanding of pathological processes and knowledge of homeopathic therapeutics is a special value you bring to your practice.

Each month in clinic, I wrote many, many notes as you spoke of case taking moments and discussed case management. In my short time in practice, I have referred back to those notes and found information that helped me in whatever the particular situation happened to be at the time. Your manner of being there for a client such that whatever else is going on in the consultation setting is not a big deal allowed me the permission, so to speak, to test that out. One day my client phoned and said she'd be late. I had half the driveway left to shovel snow from and daylight would be faded by the time this appointment would now be over; so thought I could use that time to continue shoveling. So I put my bibbed snow pants back on and went back outside. My client & her son arrived just as I was finishing up the driveway. So I walked with them into the house, remained in my snowpants, hair tossled from the knit hat, and comfortably received the case follow up, not at all hindered.

As for case analysis, I admit to being baffled on many a case as to how you arrived at a prescription and on what basis. This year in your classes, I find myself getting to a remedy or group of remedies more in the ballpark more often. The last class weekend with you in January I found extremely insightful in case analysis. Breaking down the pathological process into system involved, nature of pathology, and what is to be cured in a case (sometimes totality, sometimes a partial totality) provided a little road map of sorts to your thought process. From here, tips on focusing the repertorization sunk in to me.

A particular point I know I took away from you in considering remedies for a case is when I see two remedies in a repertorization and I know there is another remedy which combines the two components, take a look at that combined remedy even if it does not appear on the repertorization. Perhaps this could be described as exploring other possibilities from a sound place.
I've learned from all my teachers. I'm thankful that you have been in the mix to provide me a well rounded education to start a practice from and from which I'll continue to grow."
"Dear Sadhana,
Studying homeopathy and homeotherapeutics with you, Sadhana, has been a most rewarding experience for me; one that will continue to enrich my life long after our time together ends. But for now, I want you to know that I have learned many things from you. Not only has the information that you provided me in terms of a homeotherapeutic notebook been beneficial to me in my practice, it has also broadened my knowledge of homeopathic remedies for specific conditions, which would have otherwise taken many years of learn and accumulate. Now, when I am presented with a case, I look into my therapeutic notebook to see what remedies tend to address certain conditions and it has proven to be helpful. This collection of notes will continue to be an invaluable asset to me in my future practice. I sincerely thank you for this.

As far as our class interaction, you have definitely encouraged me to narrow down my case notes to find the center or essence of a case—that one thing that sets this case apart and makes it unique. The signs and symptoms clearly represent the case, as you have shown, but it is the center of the case that will ultimately lead to the most appropriate remedy. The physical symptoms represent the mental and emotional symptoms and being able to tie these together helps to recognize the center of a case or at least it substantiates it. You have also emphasized the strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms in a case and I have trained myself to look for these first in an acute and when present in a chronic. The cases you provided in class have facilitated the practice of this vital step in case analysis and in the repertorization. As a result, I take much less time working on a case now, as it is easier to identify the center of the case and how it should be repertorized.

However, before all that could be done, it is vital to get the case. Watching and listening to you take a case in clinic has been yet another very important part of my progress. You placed a lot of emphasis on dreams and fears and how they relate to the case in clinic. Dreams are uncompensated information and oh so vital to the case. You really helped me to focus on this aspect of case taking as a result, which has proven to be beneficial in every case I have taken in supervision. I also incorporated the way you ask questions to patients concerning their sleep, their energy, their appetite, whether they perspire or not, their sensitivity to temperature, etc. This is information that one just assumes has to be done in a case taking, but watching and listening to you do it over and over in clinic marked it in my memory for life. I have learned that this information can be very important when differentiating a case and without it, I do not have the totality of the case and it makes it difficult to choose a remedy.

Another aspect of your training that has helped me is that you will not change a remedy when there is clear evidence that the patient has improved on the remedy no matter how the patient perceives their response. The case in point was Jeremy’s case in clinic. Without your training and insight into his case, I would have been tempted to change the remedy if he had been my patient. Since then, I have taken a case similar to his in my supervision where the patient fails to recognize their improvement until it is revealed in the follow-up. My patient has significantly improved, yet she only sees it when we discuss it. Without your training, I could have easily been tempted to take the patient’s perception at face value and could have changed the remedy, but in this case I can objectively see that profound improvement is taking place and I have to just observe the signs and symptoms as they are presented or as they are eliminated. I can’t tell you enough how valuable this insight and training has been for me. As with everything I learn, it becomes something I own and words fail to truly express how embracing this has and will continue to enhance my practice of homeopathy.

You also helped me to get a better grasp on the use of higher potencies in cases. I leaned more towards the conservative side in my potency choice before training with you and will still use lower potencies as the case warrants, but you have certainly helped me to feel comfortable about prescribing a higher potency when the case calls for it.

What else could be shared? Probably a lot, which will come to me after I send this off to you, but I can write this for sure—knowing and learning from you has been a unique experience, one that will always evoke fond memories of you and heartfelt gratitude. This note is but a small token of my appreciation, but it is offered to you in the hopes that you can walk away from our time together confident and assured that you have made a mark in my life and that you will receive from it a mutual gratification, for you certainly deserve it. Thank you, Sadhana."
"I wish to share my experience of the homeopathic seminar given by Sadhana Thakkar earlier in February. I found her to be a Gem of a teacher and homeopath, and felt grateful that she ha taken time out of her busy practice in California to teach here in Cairo. Not knowing what to expect I was delighted by Sadhana's resourceful and informative nature. To start with she brought her own videoed cases, which she generously shared with us, pausing every now and then to draw our attention to a particular phrase or gesture or a prominent symptom, a strange, rare or peculiar. Her teaching method was very engaging as she would challenge us to find the remedy, questioning our thoughts and impressions. At the end of each case she would reveal to us the remedy and the rubrics she used, she would also discuss with us our remedy suggestions and differentiate them from the remedy chosen. I find Sadhana to be a very effective teacher because she constructed her lectures in such a way as to transition us smoothly form one set of information to the other. She did that by creating links between the remedies as well as differentiating them, and then giving us a feel for each remedy through video cases and follow ups. In that way she managed to create in my mind a web of associations which made homeopathic remedies come alive for me as never before ".
"Sadhana's seminar helped open different avenues of my thought process, understanding the core of remedies through differentiating with similar ones. She showed us how to apply patient words into rubrics, and distinguishing the relevant from irrelevant rubrics in a case. Potency selection was also very well explained. Sadhana bought with her an extensive number of video cases , making the remedy picture seem more real and understandable to us rather than paper cases. This helped us a lot to find remedies for our own patients, it made the Materia Medica more alive. Her video cases also contained follow ups which helped us see the healing process. Some of the remedies she showed us were smaller remedies, which none of us were familiar with, yet she demonstrated to us how we can differentiate them form the larger more common ones.

As a teacher Sadhana is a gem, her style is very vibrant and engaging. She constructed her lectures in such a way as to transition us smoothly from one set of information to another. She did that by creating links between the remedies as well as differentiating them. Sadhana explained to us the common pitfalls we all stumble in and the different sides of remedies through her clinical experience. She took us step by step throughout the many cases, giving useful comments to explain the patients’ expressions, pausing when needed to a particular phrase or gesture or a prominent strange, rare and peculiar symptoms. She also stimulated the whole class into finding the indicated remedy through participation and not only imposing her own point of view. We all benefited greatly from this seminar and hope Sadhana will be able to come back and teach in Cairo again."
"Sadhana Thakkar’s homeotherapeutic knowledge is unique among this country’s homeopathic teachers. Her homeopathic medical training and experience in a busy, homeopathic hospital will inspire students in this country to broaden their homeopathic understanding of serious medical problems commonly seen today. Sadhana consistently and intelligently conveys her extensive knowledge in this unique aspect of homeopathic training, and her clinical cases demonstrate unequivocally how imperative this material is to successful practice.

She leads students by example to strive for a primary health care relationship between homeopath and patient as well as better overall results in patient care outcomes. Whether presenting a live or video case, she lends a wealth of experience to students by explaining her well-tested methods of case taking and analysis. What I find most helpful is her skillful handling of cases complicated by allopathic treatments. Sadhana's instructions to the patient become a permanent resource to refer back to again and again. These invaluable lessons are unavailable at any other school of homeopathy!"
"When teaching the Homeo-therapeutics, Sadhana Thakkar gives reams of terrific and valuable notes, but it¹s in the case analysis, where she really expands her teaching and my learning. She tasks on a student, one-on-one, asking for the logical thinking in understanding of the case, the thought process behind rubric choices. Case analysis, it turns out, is the main area I have benefited."
"Through attending Sadhana's clinic I learned one of the most important subjects in practicing homeopathy: case management. We had several difficult cases during our clinic and what impressed me most was Sadhana's self confidence and consistency. The one patient I have in mind was so extremely sensitive and at each visit he would have some new minor complaint or question- he was very fearful and doubtful. Sadhana was sympathetic and caring, yet she stayed with the original prescribed remedy which really began to have a major positive effect on him, a couple of months later.

In terms of Sadhana as a family homeopath, I can only say I am very grateful how she has helped in treating me over the last 3 years. The difference it has made has been profound, not only physically but on my whole attitude towards life. Life always brings its challenges, but her treatment has helped me become resilient and flexible in each situation- to me this is what true health is. I can also say the same for my children. Sadhana's treatment of my daughter has helped her overcome major obstacles in her studies. As for my son, it is wonderful for the family to know that Sadhana is so capable and is always there for him- reachable and available. This is so important with teenagers. "
"Sadhana's therapeutics course is rich with information I would not find elsewhere. Her clear, effective technique is absolutely essential in analyzing cases. Her professional, yet personable manner in conveying therapeutics is striking and valuable beyond measure to all homeopaths."
"Sadhana's therapeutics were a great learning experience; she taught me how to look at remedies from a different perspective (organ affinities) and how to relate it all to the totality of the case."
"Sadhana's teaching style is just what I need: clear, specific and to the point. Her lectures are full of clinical experience that would take me years of practice to gain, yet she never lets her students skip the essential steps of a search for the simillimum."
"Sadhana's homeotherapeutics course is an essential key to integrating allopathic concepts of pathology with homeopathic concepts of disease. This has allowed me to approach my cases with a confidence I did not have before encountering Sadhana's teaching, despite many years of study with fine teachers. This is a unique offering in homeopathic schooling that every homeopath should have."
"Sadhana's depth of knowledge and insights of Materia Medica helped me bring a deeper understanding of remedies. Her perception of the Repertory has been invaluable in teaching me to find key rubrics that open up my cases."
"After attending Sadhana's seminars in Toronto, my listening skills and my ability to perceive the patient’s state have greatly improved thus enhancing my accuracy of prescribing. Her relaxed teaching style coupled with video cases makes learning with her enjoyable."
"...in Sadhana's classes, fundamental principles are brought to vivid pulsing life as she interweaves the basic tenets with anecdotes from her practice and spontaneous interchanges with students. Sadhana's teaching is never dry or dull because the material is alive for her. She has a lot to teach; this in tandem with her vibrant love of the material, open curiosity and unfailing generosity makes studying with her a rare, rewarding experience."
"In this course, Sadhana brings an effective combination of the intuitive and intellectual aspects of homeopathic prescribing. She not only teaches but also illustrates through video cases how to sit, observe, and listen to the patient without prejudice. Her classes are thought-provoking and stimulating and her humor keeps them lively and entertaining."
" Wonderful. Enlightening. Very moving. I fell in love with homeopathy on a deeper level... Fabulous inquiry into pure classical homeopathy... She is an excellent guide in stimulating my thoughts and perception... What impressed me the most is Sadhana's ability to study master’s teachings but then she takes it a step further by using her insight and analysis and clinical experience... This helps Materia Medica to go beyond just a rehash and memorization of the remedies and truly make prescribing an individual similimum. "
"I just wanted to thank you for all the incredible information you have given to us as well as your personal experience. Thank you for traveling across the country to share your gift with us... thank you Sadhana for opening our minds/eyes to the therapeutics... Thank you for all that I have learned from you this year, your contribution is more than you may realize, look forward to opportunity to meet you again... thank you for pumping us full of important information, inspiring us and charming us. Your dedication, intelligence and humor are truly a pleasure... your dedication to the practice and learning homeopathy is inspiring... thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I appreciate your teaching so much ... you have been and are inspiring!..... I have really enjoyed what you’ve brought to my education! Thank you for teaching me such difficult stuff. I look forward to continuing to study with you and learning from you. It’s a great ‘sadhana’ of homeopathy you are giving us!..... you are an inspiration and a very brave homeopath. Thank you for all your teaching... thank you for all your effort and energy! I have learned very valuable information from you and a sense of how to look at case taking. You really show us the way!.... I so appreciate not just your knowledge but your down-to-earth perspective, it gives me inspiration and encouragement... thanks for all your wisdom, confidence, sense of humor and patience... thank you for sharing your experience in such a loving way..."