Sadhana Thakkar is a distinguished practitioner of classical homeopathy. Amongst her patients, Sadhana is known for her exceptional insight and non-judgmental presence in the patientís healing process while providing compassionate, empathetic, and free-flowing support to the patient. She strongly believes these are the core qualities, not just for being a homeopath but also for being a healer. Her firm belief, faith and an in-depth understanding lends itself to truly creating an equal partnership between herself and each of her patients. This relationship allows her patients to heal and for Sadhana to expand homeopathy as a practitioner.

Sadhana's dedication and commitment to healing in addition to her extensive training has facilitated her to help remove the suffering of her patients consistently. She emphasizes family health above individual health since the health of each member of the family promotes the sound functioning of each individual in his/her immediate calm and harmonious surrounding. Families and Individuals from all walks of life, from far distances, and with variety of illnesses have attained the highest level of health through Sadhana's expert homeopathic advice.
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