In addition to being an expert homeopath, Sadhana Thakkar is also a master at teaching homeopathy. Sadhana has taught extensively in various parts of the US, Canada, Switzerland, and Egypt for many years. Her seminars and courses have always been brought the wealth of information, simplicity to the knowledge and practice of homeopathy and above all her contagious passion and inspiration to her students.

She draws her lessons from her busy practice in Southern California and generously shares her clinical experiences with her students. As a teacher, Sadhana is renowned for her extraordinary ability to simplify the practice of Homeopathy by tying together various aspects of homeopathic practice. Amongst her students, she is known for inspiring students through her thought provoking discussions, passionate dedication and faith in the healing process along with her logical and systematic approach to the application of homeopathic principles.
  • National Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Director
  • Advanced Homeopathic Seminar, Cairo, Egypt
  • CMP Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India
  • Comprehensive Clinical Training Course, Boston, Massachusettes
  • California Homeopathic Medical Society Annual Conference, Santa Monica, CA
  • Advanced Homeopathic Seminars for Naturopaths, Zurich, Switzerland
  • The School Of Homeopathy, New York
  • North American Society of Homeopath Conference, Vancouver, BC
  • Advanced Clinical Course, Berkeley, CA
  • North American Society of Homeopath Conference, New York
  • Advanced Homeopathic Seminar Series in Toronto, Canada
  • Speaker at National Center for Homeopathy Conference, San Diego, CA
  • Fundamental & Advanced Homeopathic Seminars in Los Angeles, CA
  • Circle of Homeopathic Prescribing Course, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lecture series at University of California, Los Angeles Medical School (UCLA),
       Los Angeles, CA
  • Kaiser Permanante of Los Angeles, CA
  • School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California
  • Case presentation at International Foundation For Homeopathy, Case
       Conference, Seattle in 1997
  • Fundamental & Advanced Homeopathy Courses, Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Study Group of Homeopathic Practitioners, Massachusetts
  • Life Learn, West Hartford, Connecticut
  • Community Continuing Education, Farmington, Connecticut
  • Introduction to homeopathy, Learning Exchange, Hartford, Connecticut
  • Homeopathic Preceptor to Licensed and Professional Homeopathic practitioners
       in USA
  • Homeopathic Lecturer and Supervisor, Out-Patient Clinic at Mumbadevi
       Homeopathic Hospital, Bombay, India
  • Homeopathic Proving of Buteo Jam Sanguinaria, Red Tail Hawk’s Blood
  • Homeopathic Proving of Sacchrum Officinalis
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